Virtual Refinery Program

The Virtual Refinery Program is a unique strategy based on replicating the conditions and circumstances of an actual energy refinery business to potentially create returns.

The strategy is managed by Ky Vargas and Russell Greene, principals and creators, who have applied their econometric expertise in the logistics field to the Virtual Refinery Program

The Virtual Refinery Program (VRP) utilizes the knowledge and research performed for the logistics industry by its principals to manage fuel costs for a fleet of over 800 trucks—a process known as econometric modeling—to create an investable strategy from their applied expertise in this field.

Decision Making

VRP is a unique discretionary, fundamental trading strategy that mimics the same trades an energy refinery would make to manage risk. Some of the underlying macro-economic factors VRP utilizes includes:

Report Government reports World Events  World events and trends
Trends Industry cost trends Prices  Other price sentiment indicators
 Capacity Capacity

Each macro economic factor we evaluate is considered and evaluated from the view point of an oil refinery.

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